About Us

The Trinidad Karate Association, a non-profit organization, is currently one of the largest active organizations teaching traditional Japanese Shotokan Karate in Trinidad and Tobago (TT). With a current active membership of over 175 students, the organization has trained over 7,500 students in TT between the ages of 4 yrs. and 70 yrs. since its inception. The Chief Instructor is Shihan Dexter Shim, 8th Dan who has forty years experience in teaching karate.

Founded in 1967 the TKA soon grew rapidly in Trinidad and it became afounding member of large international organizations such as WUKO (World Union of Karate-do Organizations), and subsequently, the World Karate Federation (WKF).The TKA was previously affiliated to the International Karate Shotokan Federation which is a non-profit organization that seeks to promulgate traditional Japanese karate-do throughout the world.In 2011 the TKA joined the International Karate Daigaku which is headed by Master Frank Woon-A-Tai 9th dan. With its Motto- The International Karate Daigaku — Tradition in the 21st Century, the IKD is a new non-profit World Karate Organization that is dedicated to furthering the art of Karate by studying and analyzing the medical and scientific aspects including physical education and fitness, self defense, and sport as part of its stated philosophy, with the intention being to strive to help curb violence and crime by giving direction to youth.

Currently no other Shotokan organization in the World has a stated commitment to improving the level of instruction through the promotion of research and innovation.The TKA was a founding member organization of the T.T.K.U. which is recognised by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs as the national governing body for the Sport of Karate in TT.

The TTKU is also recognized by the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Recognition Committee due to its membership in the Pan American Karate Federation (PKF), the regional body for the World Karate Federation (WKF). The TTKU promotes sport karate under the direction of WKF and upholds standards recognised by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as Karate works towards becoming an Olympic sport, when the WKF. The WKF currently has over 10 million individual members.The TTKU is also a member of the Central American and Caribbean Karate Federation (CCCK), Pan American Karate Federation and a founding member of the CKF(Caribbean Karate Federation). Caribbean Karate College (CKC) The CKC is a unique organization established in 2007. Currently it falls under the aegis of the IKD. The College was established to integrate the training of examiners, instructors and judges with the high school education system in the Caribbean. As such, the College designs and delivers standardized qualifications for Teachers of the Caribbean Examinations Council (CXC) Physical education (PE) Programme. The CKC therefore undertakes inter alia the following:

  • designs and delivers courses to enable suitably qualified students
  • to attain the International Karate Daigaku qualifications as Judges, Instructors, and Examiners;
  • designs and delivers courses in the art and science of coaching karate and co-curricular credit courses in karate;
  • provides teaching and education fora for dialogue and research on Karate related matters;

The TKA facilitates the College in achieving its objectives and TKA students regularly participate in training programmes offered by the College. The College is the source of instruction for the whole of the Southern Caribbean and provide the external examiner for the Practical examination in karate in CXC Physical Education for Trinidad and Tobago for the Karate CXC practical in Physical Education.